PM Modi unveils Hindi version of ‘Odisha Itihaas’, emphasizes on the study of history

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday emphasized the requirement for much wider study of history and iterated the subject should not just be a lesson of the past but also reflect the future.

While addressing the release of the Hindi translation of the book “Odisha Itihaas’ which is written by ‘Utal Keshari’ Dr Harekrushna Mahtab, the Prime Minister reminisced Mahtab’s contribution to the freedom struggle and appreciated it.

He said, “The history of Odisha represents the historical strength of entire India. This strength, reflected in the history is connected with the present and future possibilities and work as a guide for us.”

Modi further added, “During the Emergency, Dr Mahtab went to jail opposing the party, under which he became Chief Minister. He went to prison for both independence and for saving the country’s democracy. It is important that the diverse and comprehensive history of Odisha should reach the people of the country.”

PM Modi further emphasized on the struggles like The Pallika Rebellion, Ganjam Revolt to Sambalpur Struggle, the land of Odisha has given a lot of men contributing to the freedom struggle.

Modi added, “History should not only be a lesson of the past but also mirror the future. The country is keeping this in focus while celebrating Azadi ka Amrut Mahaotsava and enlivening the history of our freedom struggle.”

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