PM Modi won’t say anything over dig at Covid-19 vaccine ‘politics’

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In a concealed reference to the current politics adhering to assignment of COVID-19 vaccines, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday mentioned that those people who urge to do politics are doing it. PM Modi stated, “I am seeing this from day one and I have been putting up with all kind of statements. I choose not to open my mouth because I believe serving the people of India is our responsibility.”

His statement over the vaccine politics comes after Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan blamed Maharashtra of shifting the attention of people from its murky performance over managing the pandemic by accusing the Union Government about shortage of vaccines.

To which, Shiv Sena, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leaders lashed out at Harsh Vardhan’s particular attack which seemed to be politically driven. Besides Maharashtra, Harsh Vardhan also indicated Chhattisgarh’s failure in containing the transmission of the infection. Both the states of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh are non-BJP ruling states and are adding the highest number of cases to the country’s overall caseload.

PM Modi stated there is no need of panic adhering to the vaccine supply, and more focus should be directed towards increasing the number of testing. Some of the vaccination centres in Maharashtra and Odisha were shut on Thursday citing no vaccine stock. The states consist of 4.3 crore vaccine doses decline in stocka are being transit. The two states with the highest number of doses administered are Maharashtra and Rajasthan, according to the health minister, iterating on the fact that both the states are non-BJP ruled.

According to the information shared by health minister, Maharashtra has been assigned with 1,06 crore doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, Rajasthan with 1.04 crore doses and Gujarat with 1.05 crore. Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Yope raised a question on Thursday as to why Gujarat has been allocated with higher quantity of vaccine doses.

The states should not compare and compete with the other states about the number of infections. PM Modi said, “If more positive cases are being reported, test more, without coming under any pressure. The evaluation that you are doing it badly if there are more cases is not right.”

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