PM Narendra Modi addresses the nation, said Every citizen will receive the Covid-19 vaccine

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday at 6 pm. Modi commenced his address by talking about the long journey that the people in the country have had in terms of containing the virus.

Modi mentioned about the hustle and movement in the markets and economic activity, but at the same time, took a moment to warn people about the severity of the virus. The prime minister constantly iterated on maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask and washing the hands with a soap as a part of safety precautions. This comes after his observation from media reports about people neglecting the severity of the virus and violating the protocols.

PM Modi further mentioned about the preparations the country has highlighting that the country has presently 90 lakh beds and 12,000 quarantine centres. Further, the testing count in the country was almost accounting to 10 crore people, says PM Modi.

Modi spoke about the vaccine, which will be launched in the year. He said whenever the vaccine arrives, the government is also making attempts for how to reach every Indian as soon as possible. Vaccine will be made available for every citizen, work is being done fast for this, Modi said.

PM Modi concluded the address by emphasizing on remembering that no laxity until vaccine arrives. PM Modi said, till success is attained, to be careful and until vaccine of the epidemic comes, we should continue to fight the battle against Coronavirus.

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