August 16, 2022

PM planning the foundation stone for new Parliament building

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is planning to institute the foundation of a new Parliament building, scheduled for the first half of December, according to sources.

The sources further revealed the statues in the Parliament complex, which includes Mahatma Gandhi, Bhim Rao Ambedkar, will be relocated on a temporary basis for the construction purposes and will be placed again at prominent locations post the construction of the new complex is finished.

Under the Central Vista redevelopment project, the new building is set to be constructed and will be completed by 21 months from the commencement.

The commencement of the construction was scheduled for December 10, but the date can get altered according to the availability of Narendra Modi.

The new Parliament building, will have individual offices for the MPs, and will have all the facilities with the latest digital interfaces which will be a move towards ‘going digital’.

Earlier, in September, Tata Projects Limited had got the construction project regarding the new Parliament at an estimated budget of Rs. 861.90 crore. The existing Parliament’s construction had began on February 12, 1921, which lasted for a period of six years and built at the budget of 83 lakh.

As per CPWD, the Parliament will continue to be operational amid the construction of the new complex. After the new complex is ready, the old one will be allocated other objectives. CPWD stated, “The plinth of the new building shall match that of the existing one, which is approximately 1.8 metres above the ground level.”

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