Police force in Nigeria gear up for action to overcome the worst unrest in twenty years

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Nigeria’s police chief issued an order to immediately gear up and mobilize the force resources on Saturday to contain the worst kind of unrest incident in Africa’s most populous country over the past twenty years. The street violence was triggered by the protests which are against the police brutality.

The street violence, which is extremely severe, is for confrontation of the President Muhammadu Buhari, an ex-military ruler, who came to power in 2015. Curfews have been enforced on the citizens over the last few days as a move to contain the violence and loot in regions of the country.

The violence further aggravated in Lagos when demonstrators were attacked on Tuesday night, allegedly by the soldiers.

According to rights group Amnesty International, a minimum of 12 protesters were killed by the soldiers and police in the two districts. But, the army has denied the same.

As incidents of violence emerged on Saturday, a spokesperson representing southern Cross River state revealed several buildings have been vandalised in the last two days inclusive of shopping mall, a bank and electoral offices.

Simon Lalong, the governor of Plateau state, This looting has spread to other facilities and is gradually degenerating thereby threatening the peace and security of the state.”

The Nigerian Police Force stated its inspector general Mohammed Adamu has issued an order for immediate deployment of all the resources to contain the violence triggered by protesters. The force said an official statement, “The IGP enjoins law-abiding citizens not to panic but rather join forces with the police and other members of the law enforcement community to protect their communities from the criminal elements.” In a discussion between Buhari and former Nigerian Presidents, the head of the state revealed on Saturday that the protests have led to 51 civilian fatalities an 37 injuries over the weeks. Lagos had relaxed the restrictions on Saturday, though workers still protested.

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