Portuguese activists filed changes against 33 countries regarding climate crisis

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Six young Portuguese activists have filed complaints for a European human rights case as an attempt to charge 33 countries for stepping up their fights against climate change on Thursday. The activists charged a case to European Court of Human Rights about the countries questioning their accountability and insufficient efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions. The six of them presented an argument highlighting climate change as a developing threat to physical and mental well-being and violation to right
of life and respect for families.

The Global Legal Action Network, an international non-profit organization which has a record of challenging human rights violations is supporting the activists along with five lawyers from London. Some of the countries in the list are Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and members from the European Union. If the activists have a victory in the France court, the charged countries need to reduce the emissions as per requirements of the 2015 Paris climate record via a legal bondage.

The activists have are in the age group of 12 – 21.

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