Positive trends evolve in Karnataka’s battle against Covid-19

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A different but positive trend is being observed in the Karnataka’s battle against Covid-19, which marks a significant drop in the total Covid-19 positive cases and the death count. This is an indication that the infection is traversing from high population density to other places, according to a noted epidemiologist.

Earlier this month, the state had nearly 10,000 cases every day for a period of a week, with the death cases even accounting to 200 at some days. But, the numbers declined to as low as 5,000 to 6,000 cases in the previous week. The death count has also dropped from three digit to two digits.

The decline in the total Covid-19 positive cases and death rate is an encouraging trend, says epidemiologist Giridhara R Babu.

Though, various other experts are attributing the drop in cases to higher testing frequency and early detection of infections.

Babu, who works as an epidemiologist at Indian Institute of Science, is a member of the Covid-19 technical advisory group for the Karnataka Government. In an interview with PTI, he stated, “This reduction indicates that the Coronavirus infection is shifting from high population density areas to other areas.”

He said that some areas, thee might not be high population density.

“So, therefore, it might be in alignment with what’s happening in the country. So, let us wait and watch,” Babu further added.

Munish Moudgil, the chief of the Karnataka Covid-19 War Room, accredited the drop in cases to the high testing rate, with reduction of cases even in holidays. He said, “But the general reduction trend is correct and proves the success of the Karnataka model of high testing leading to control of the disease.”

Karnataka has started conducting tests at a very high number and also opened sample collection centre in urban areas at the crowded places, according to a health official. “We are taking the Coronavirus head on. Instead of collecting samples at the designated places with unprecedented precautions, we have opened camps at every nook and cranny in urban areas and other crowded places,” the official added.

He said the healthcare workers have turned into Coronavirus warriors in the real essence.

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