Prabhu Chauhan: ‘Will bring stronger anti-cow slaughter bill’

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Karnataka Minister for Animal Husbandry, Prabhu Chauhan had a meeting with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday which was to discuss about the state’s anti-cattle slaughter law. Prabhu Chauhan is on a three-day visit to Uttar Pradesh, revealed to The News Minute that he is studying on how Karnataka can be more stringent regarding the already existing legislation on cow slaughtering.

Chauhan stated to TNM, “I have come to Uttar Pradesh and will be visiting Gujarat to study their model of the anti-cow slaughter bill to ensure that in the upcoming Winter session of Karnataka assembly. I had a long and fruitful meeting with the UP CM and he expressed his happiness that Katnataka too will bring in a stringent law against cow slaughter.  We will bring in the first of its kind historic bill in the state. We are doing this for animal protection. I will return to Bangalore on 4 December and by seventh of this month I will table the bill.”

Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Preservation Act, 1964, is the law already existing in the state, which was further strengthened by BJP in their previous tenure. Though the bill was passed ahead with approval by Assembly, the then Congress government led by Siddaramiah withdrew the passed bill. Considering the present plan, Chauhan revealed the governent intends to extend the definition of cattle and add more animals in it, and also plan to implement heavy fines for the infringement of the cattle slaughter law.

Chauhan said, “The existing bill is from 1964 and not strong enough. I do not want to divulge more without studying. I am here to study steps to control cow slaughter, what cattle to include etc. I visited several Gau Shalas and met with several officials as well.”

The bill presented is already being resisted by Opposition Party Leader Siddaramaiah by invoking agitation against it in the Assembly along with the streets.

Chauhan said, “As Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah will do his job to try to stop the bill but we will do our job. We have declared that we will bring a stronger anti-cow slaughter bill. In 2010 we had cleared a similar bill but the then Congress government at the Centre had made excuses to return the bill and not approve it. Now that our government is in power in keeping with the wishes of the people particularly Hindus and seers we will go ahead and bring in a law what can the opposition do? At most they can boycott the assembly and walk out and in that time we will ensure we pass the bill.”

Chauhan is scheduled further to travel ahed to Gujarat for studying closely their model of law.

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