Pvt school employees compel Karnataka govt over Covid-19 relief

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The private schools’ management team, employees and stakeholders on Thursday initiated a “telephonic campaign” and raising the pressure of resignation of the MLCs who have been elected from the teaches and the graduates constituencies along with the education minister as they have not declared any relief measures or packages for the Covid-19 affected teaching and non-teaching staff of private schools.

The contact details of the MLCs and the education minister were given to all the stakeholders, after which they could call, text them asking for their resignation regarding the same. On Wednesday, the state government had declared the Covid-19 relief packages for various sectors.

General secretary of the Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka, D Shashi Kumar said, “ “We have given clear instructions to all our member-schools and teaching and non-teaching staff to refrain from using unparliamentary words or making any personal attacks on the elected representatives. Our only intention was to make them realise the plight of the private unaided school staff.”

As per the private schools, the government has various means to source the funds from the various schemes allotted to the education department, which have not been enforced due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shashi Kumar further elaborated, “The funds released for the schemes like free bicycle, free uniform, Ksheera Bhagya, shoes and socks were not used as schools remained shut during 2020-21 academic year and the same is the case for 2021-22 academic year. Our demand is to at least take measures to release financial packages for private school staff using that fund.”

There are more than 2.25 lakh teaching and non-teaching employees in the private unaided schools in the state, as per the private schools body.

With the campaign taking up, Education Minister S Suresh Kumar has appealed to the chief minister to declare the Covid-19 relief packages for the employees of the private schools.

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