Ready for talks on provisions of agricultural laws: Narendra Singh Tomar

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Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar stated on Friday that the Union Government is prepared to restart the discussion with the farmers’ unions protesting about the provisions of the three controversial agricultural laws, though Tomar refuted revoking of the laws.

Translation from Tomar’s Hindi tweet said, “The Government of India is ready to have a discussion with any farmer union on provisions of the new agricultural laws. We welcome them for talks.”

Tomar attached a video where he was answering a reporter’s question, saying, “Except repeal, if any farmer union is ready to discuss provisions of the acts even at midnight, I would welcome them.”

The talks between the Centre and the farmer unions halted after their last meeting dated January 22. The two sides have eleven rounds of meetings so far, where the unions have turned down the proposal of the Centre to put the laws on hold for a period of 10 months, instead reiterating their appeal of completely revoking it.

Farmers, particularly from Haryana and Punjab, have been protesting along the borders of New Delhi since November 2020. The farmers are demanding to have legal assurance over minimum support price (MSP) of crops.

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