SAI calls for Olympians, Para-Olympians to take over the coaching responsibility

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The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has called for applications from Olympians and para-Olympians to work for the position of assistant coach (Level 6) and coach (Level 10) with the intent to empower elite sportsperson along with the young athletes.

The appointed coaches will be given the permit to carry on their sports training till they are active sportsperson and continue to have their desired performance at the international level. Post appointment, the coaches will have to pursue diploma in sports coaching facilitated by the National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala provided they have not taken it up priorly.

In an official statement, SAI said, “Olympians/Para-Olympians are given the opportunity to work in SAI as coach. In fact, the medal winners in Olympics and Para Olympics have (been) directly recruited in Group A position in SAI to show the gratitude for their service to the country.”

The period for the application of the post is from January 5 (5:00 pm) to January 26 (5:00 pm). In the last month, 11 Olympians and three Para-Olympians were appointed as coaches and assistant coaches.

The appointments were made with the intent of ensuring the elite and experienced sportsperson can further continue to make their contribution to the sport representing India and amid their tenure as active sportsperson and also after their retirement.

The sportspersons will also be given financial security as they continue with regular training and participate in upcoming competitions and tournaments. Mariyappen T, who had won gold in high jump in Paralympics 2016, was given a group A post as a coach and alongside 11 Olympians and the left two Para Olympians were given Group B post as assistant coaches.

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