Satellite set launch on March 28 will present real time images of borders, review natural disasters

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India has proposed to launch a satellite set scheduled for March 28, which is an earth observation satellite, and will present the real-time images of the borders and aid in rapid reviewing of any to-be natural disasters.

GISAT-1 will be inducted into space by the GSLV-F10 rocket right from Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota spaceport, which is located at 100 kilometres north to Chennai.

An official from ISRO, Bengaluru revealed to PTI, “We are looking to launch this Geo imaging satellite on March 28, subject to weather conditions.”

The spacecraft will be placed in the geosynchronous orbit further to geostationary orbit which is at a distance of 36,000 kilometres from the equator. GISAT-1’s launch was earlier scheduled for March 5, 2020 but delayed by a year citing the blast-off invoked by technical reasons a day prior.

A space official from the department said, “It’s going to be a game-changer in some sense for India… With onboard high resolution cameras, the satellite will allow the country to monitor the Indian land mass and the oceans, particularly its borders continuously.”

ISRO revealed that GISAT-1 will cater to real-time observation of the Indian sub-continent for all the cloud-free conditions at regular intervals.

The maiden flight of Small Satellite Launch Vehicle, ISRO’s compact launcher will follow GISAT-1, in the month of April.

SSLV is a three-stage solid vehicle with the ability to launch a 500 kg satellite mass into 500-km low earth orbit and 300 kg into Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO). Earlier, Sivan had termed SSLV an innovative vehicle which can be put together in 72 hours. He had said, “Instead of 60 days (for building a PSLV), it (SSLV) will be assembled in three days; instead of 600 people (needed to build a PSLV), it (SSLV) will be done by six people.”

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