Shivakumar claims farmers were stopped from protesting with Congress in Bengaluru

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DK Shivakumar from Karnataka’s Congress party on Wednesday allegedly accused the BJP government from stopping the farmers coming to Bengaluru from other districts for being a part of the protest organized by Congress against the three controversial farm laws.

Shivkumar urged the farmers to block the highways and roads and protest for repealing the farm laws. “I got several phone calls that farmers arriving in Bengaluru from other districts are being stopped by Police and are not being allowed to come to Bengaluru. I urge farmers to stop wherever they are, block highways, roads and protest in support of the farmers,” he said.

He further added, “I know the BJP government is trying to stop farmers at any cost and not letting them participate in the protest. I request the protesters to come to Sangolli Rayanna statue and participate in the massive protest rally.”

The Congress party has organized a protest rally from Sangolli Rayanna railway station to Raj Bhavan to support the farmers in their demands of repealing the three farm laws passed by the Centre.

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