Siddaramaiah urges Special Assembly session to consider Karnataka flood situation

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Former chief minister of Karnataka and senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah urged for a discussion on the Karnataka floods situation in the Special Assembly session, as the state has been severely hit by floods thrice in past three months.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Siddaramaiah tried to address the triple-concern of the people in the state, which included the havoc invoked by the flood, the Covid-19 pandemic and the alleged corruption in the state-led government.

Farmers are miserable due to floods during the last few months. They have lost their houses and cattle. The Chief Minister of Karnataka should immediately convene an Assembly session to discuss the same,” tweeted Siddaramaiah.

Observing the flood-situation and the pandemic, the suffering of the people is aggravated further with the alleged corrupt practices of the ruling party. Considering all the above points, he iterated an assembly will be the suitable forum to deliberate on the issues.

Directing the blame to the state and the central governments for not provide relief measures to the affected families, Siddaramaiah said the farmers are deprived of their due share when the Centre’s guidelines are followed. He further stated that the flood victims from the previous year have also been deprived of the relief measures and compensation amount.

According to the official data released by the government, a count of 136 villages have been severely affected by the flood and nearly 247 are in the vulnerable condition. Around 43,158 people were departed to safe locations and 38,000 were residing in the 205 relief camps.

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