Tata technologies and other industries collaborate with Karnataka govt to upgrade 150 ITIs

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The Karnataka government has formalized an agreement with Tata technologies Ltd, Pune on November 6 with the objective of upgrading 150 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), which will additionally build more employment opportunities for youth.

BS Yediyurappa signed the agreement at his residence Krishna along with Anand Bhade, President, Tata Technologies Ltd and Dr. S. Selvakumar, Secretary to Government, Department of Skill Development , Entrepreneurship and Livelihood.

Yediyurappa appreciated this initiative, first of its kind having partnership between the industry and the government, and will have mutual benefits. Yediyurappa also mentioned how the s heme will facilitate the youth ti have the best skill training, which will according to the industry standards and also will provide skilled workforce for the industry.

Dr.C.N.Ashwathnarayan , Deputy Chief Minister revealed that by the programme, nearly 1 lakh youth will get employment opportunities every year. Also, 10 new courses will be introduced adhering to the industry guidelines and standards.

In his address, Warren Harris, Managing Director and CEO of Tata Technologies, stated, “Our vision of ‘Engineering a better world’ embodies this social project where we create a platform for students to be a part of the rapidly transforming ecosystem and get exposure to latest machinery, hardware, software, courseware and trainings.”

Based on the agreement, 150 government ITIs of the state will be upgraded in collaboration with Tata Technologies Limited and other partners at an estimated budget of Rs. 4636.50 crore. Also, 20 other companies are contributing Rs. 4080 crores as a part of their CSR funds contribution and Rs. 657 crore will be provided by the state government, allocation Rs. 30 crore per ITI.

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