Thailand finally revokes the protest ban which backfired

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Thailand lifted the emergency order on Thursday with an attempt to put an end to the months impending protests of the civilians against the monarchy and the government, which only further aggravated the situation. Tens of thousands of people were hovering on the streets of Bangkok after the ban was lifted.

The official Royal Gazette released a government statement stating by 12 p.m. all the bans on political gatherings of more than five people and about publishing news that would affect the security would end.

The statement quoted, “The current violent situation that led to the announcement of the severe situation has eased and ended to a situation in which government officials and state agencies can enforce the regular laws.”

A particular incident which invoked the ban was protesters attacking Queen Suthida’s convoy, but the outcomes was the most challenging protests encountered by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha and King Maha Vajralongkorn.

The protesters who strongly demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth within the deadline of three days, iterated that revoking the measures is just not adequate.

One of the leaders, Sirawith “Ja New” said, “He’s still seeking to stay in power while ignoring all the people’s demands. The emergency decree shouldn’t have been issued in the first place.”

Amid the protesters, dozens of protesters along with several high profile leaders were taken into police custody. One of them, Patsaravalee “Mind” Tanakitvibulpon was departed from jail after being taken into custody for a day. She told the reporters that the court had deemed the charges were not serious. She would also have to attend the classes and exams, so bail was approved without any guarantee requirements.

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