Thailand police issues media inquiry regarding protest coverage

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Thai Police force stated on Monday about their issued inquiry regarding four news agencies under necessary actions impended in the previous week as a move to halt the long protests going on from three months against the government and monarchy.

Following the announcement, the media groups were aggravated and accused the government led by Prime Minister Prayuth Chanocha of attacking the freedom of press.

As per the police document marked on October 16, the inquiry has been issued for content let out from four media agencies and also from a Facebook Page of a protest group.

In a news conference, police spokesperson Kissana Phathanachaoen revealed, “We received information from intelligence units concerned that parts of the content and distorted information have been used and disseminated to cause confusion and instigate causing unrest to society.”

Phathanachaoen further stated the inquiry was issued by the broadcast regulator and digital ministry of Thailand, and that, there was no intention to curb press freedom.

A spokesperson from the digital ministry revealed about the requests place to court orders for censoring out the content by four media agencies and a Facebook page from the 300,000 pieces of content violating Thai laws.

One of media agencies, Prachatai, subjected to inquiry tweeted, “Honoured to report accurate info about human rights and political development in Thailand, we’ll try our best in continuing to do so.” Prachatai, further termed the inquiry as a censorship order.

A ban was imposed on news and online information last week citing security reasons, which also included banning political gatherings of over 5 people. This has triggered massive protests, accounting to 20,000 protesters in the capital.

In response, the deputy Bangkok police chief Piya Tawichai stated, “We will prosecute everyone,” further adding that 74 protesters were arrested from October 13.

The protesters are urging for the removal of Prime Minister Prayuth and also demanding to deduct the powers of King Maha Vajralongkorn.

PM Prayuth stated that he will not quit. “We are just asking people not to do wrong and destroy the government and peoples property.. What the government needs to do is to protect the monarchy,” he stated.

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