Thousands evacuated in Philippines as Typhoon Vamco approaches

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The authorities in Philippines have instructed the thousands of citizens residing in the eastern coastal communities for evacuation of their properties before the landfall of Typhoon Vamco be incident on Wednesday. This happens just weeks post the country was hit by the strongest cyclone in the year.

Vamco, which is the 21st tropical storm to hit Philippines which has the force to hold winds of 125 kph and moves with the force of 155 kph.

Joseph Cua, the governor representing the Catanduanes province, revealed to DZMM radio, “We are just 1% into our recovery and then here comes another typhoon. We’re now feeling strong wind and rain.”

In late October, the island provinces of Catanduanes and in the vicinity of Albay, near southeast to Manila were severely affected by Typhoon Goni, which was a category 5 typhoon, taking the lives of 25 people and also 6 people were reported missing.

Cristine Bosque, the mayor of Polilio stated the civilians in the coastal communities were anticipating a three-metre, which is upto nine foot storm surge, were given the due instructions to leave their houses. However, she iterated, that prevention of the contagion of Covid-19 is a challenge for the evacuation centres.

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