Two-day integrated bilateral exercise amid India and US forces ends

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The two-day integrated bilateral exercise amid Indian and the US forces in the Indian Ocean region completed on Thursday, June 24, 2021. The Indian Navy and Indian Air Force together took part with US Navy Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group in the Exercise.

The exercise has facilitated interoperability and enhancing the defence coordination amid the two countries and observed high temp-naval operations at sea. This covers air dominance exercises, anti-submarine exercises, advanced air defence exercises, tactical manoeuvres, and cross-check the helicopter operations, according to IAF.

The Indian Navy’s participation consisted of Guided Missile Stealth Destroyer Kochi, Maritime Air Dominance Fighter MiG 29 K, Guided Missile Frigates Teg, Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft P8I, SEAKING 42B along with Kamov AEW helicopters. The hardware of IAF comprised Jaguars and Su 30 MKI fighters, Airborne Early Warning and Control, along with Air-to-Air Refueller aircraft.

The exercise has been another milestone towards enhancing cooperation amid both the countries and reinforcing the shared values.

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