Two serious AEFIs have been registered from Ballari, Dharwad

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Karnataka has registered two cases of AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunization) on Saturday. The two cases have been sound in Dharwad and Ballari districts of the state.

A 38-year old male pourakarmika, with no background of epilepsy. He was vaccinated on February 19, according to the data given by Dr Rajani Nageshrao, Deputy Director, Immunization, Department of Health and Family welfare.

Post vaccine was administered, he was in regular health for a period of two hours but later had high-grade fever, chills and one episode of convulsions. He was then taken to a hospital in Ballari district for further management and treatment.

When inquired about the episode of convulsions with any past record of epilepsy can be a serious health concern, Dr Nageshrao revealed that the patients is under supervision. There has been an episode of convulsions post the vacine was administered in Kalaburagi, however, that specific patient had a medical record of epilepsy.

Alongside, a 40-year old female pourakarmika, who was inoculated on February 10, experienced fever and chills during the late hours of the date. She was hospitalized to SDM Hospital for further treatment as an outpatient on February 18, where she is presently undergoing treatment.

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