U.S. FDA to toughen authorization standards of Covid-19 vaccine prior to the elections

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be declaring fresh and tough authorization standards for a Coronavirus vaccine. The trigger is to reduce the probability regarding the clearance for utilization before the November 3 election as per the information given by Washington Post on Tuesday.

The objective is to build transparency and gain the trust of the public to ensure non-interference from the Trump administration.

The FDA will be passing a protocol to the vaccine manufacturers who are urging for emergency authorization to have a constant follow-up for a minimum period of 2 months post receiving the second shot.

The clinical trials need to be structured in such a way that the second vaccine shot will be given after a period of three to four weeks. This protocol makes it almost negligible to produce the vaccine before the elections.

Pfizer declared on Tuesday its doubts regarding the vaccine to be produced as early as end of October. Alongside, Moderna Inc will not be able to produce data by October and Astra Zeneca’s trial is halted due to a neurological problem to a volunteer in U.K.’s trials.

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