UK agrees with WHO to end the ‘ugly rifts’ with £ 340 million

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British Prime Minister Borris Johnson will be officially declaring on Saturday a 30 per cent increase in the overall funding that is directed to the World Health Organization (WHO), thereby putting an end to the ‘ugly rifts’ and taking a move to revive the cross-border cooperation.

Johnson will also specifically address the five-point plan for enhancing the international response for the forthcoming global health emergencies. A part of the plans would be building a global network for research and development, increased capacity to manufacture vaccine and agreement to cut-down the export tariffs inducted when the Covid-19 pandemic started.

The British PM is going to commit the starting amount of 71 million pounds to COVAX which will help him secure 27 million doses and will cater to 500 million for another COVAX initiative to support the economically weaker countries get the vaccine.

There will be a 30 per cent increase in the overall funding to WHO spread over a period of 4 years which is the sum of 340 million pounds.

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