June 27, 2022

UK returnees will be subjected to on-arrival Covid-19 test from Jan 8 to Jan 30

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All the passengers arriving in India from UK will be subjected to Covid-19 testing between January 8 to 30 mandatorily by having self RT-PCR tests on arrival at the respective airports, as per the SOP released by the Health Ministry on Saturday.

It is compulsory for all the passengers to give self-declaration form on the online portal prior to 72 hours before the scheduled travel. The same will be updated on the online portal and also in-flight announcement will be given intimating passengers about the relevant information.

Required arrangements for the commuters anticipating RT-PCR test as well as the results of the test after which isolation to be implemented based on the reports as per the order issued by the authorities.

The permit for the limited operations of the flight between India and the UK as per the allowance issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation for the eligible airlines as per the guidelines from the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

DGCA would take the responsibility regarding the schedule of the flights to ensure that there is adequate buffer time to avert crowding in any testing protocol. The body will also ensure that no passengers travel to India from UK via a third country.

The international travelers have to mandatory fill the self-declaration form and ensure that the travelers mention their history of travel over the past 14 days. A total of 23 countries which also comprises of United Kingdom have officially recorded the new mutant strain discovered which is supposed to have a higher transmission probability.

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