February 2, 2023

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US plans to block key exports from China

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United States of America is taking a move of blocking key exports from Xinjiang in China stating the alleged reason of involving forced labour for goods production. The ban is proposed for various good which also includes China’s major commodity exports – cotton and tomato products.

US under Trump’s administration has been making several attempts to raise the issue with China regarding the treatment provided to Xinjiang’s Uighur Muslims.

Over the years, China has focused on providing increased security maintenance in Xinjiang with the triggering reason of terrorism. Reports state that around millions of people have been taken into custody in re-education camps without any violation trials.

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is presently drafting the Withhold Release Orders which gives the allowance to keep back the shipments citing the alleged involvement of forced labour. The law focuses on withstanding and fighting through child labour, human trafficking and other infringement of human rights.

There have been consistent clashes between Beijing and Washington with respect to the high security detention camps, which according to China are mandatory to enhance the security. In an interview with Reuters, CBP Executive Assistant Commissioner Brenda Smith told, “We have reasonable but not conclusive evidence that there is a risk of forced labour in supply chains related to cotton textiles and tomatoes coming out of Xinjiang.”

Brenda further mentioned, “We will continue to work our investigations to fill in those gaps.” China has the hold of producing 20 % cotton requirement globally with Xinjiang being the major centre. The export ban from China will have a potentially severe impact on US retailers, cloth makers and food production centres.

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