Victims of Belagavi floods waiting for relief measures from a year

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One of the most devastating floods of the century was Hamipholi in Ramdurg taluk in Belagavi which destroyed more than 250 houses as per the information given by locals.

It has been around a year and nearly 80 victims of the village are still waiting to receive the compensation and relief for their broken homes. As per the report given by officials, 9,000 victims from Belagavi district only are yet to be given compensation.

From the 34,528 houses estimated for the relief measures, only 1,808 have been granted relief measures according to the government data. Around 9,635 houses were completely damaged and 24,893 were partially destroyed. From these, 1,808 have been restored while the work of 5,793 will begin shortly.

One of the victims, currently residing in building rooms of local gram panchayat stated, “I have applied for relief and also spoke to tahsildar about it. But money is not sanctioned even after GPS certification of the collapsed house was done.”

“These include partially damaged houses — classified in three categories and those which collapsed completely. We have sent details on the government,” said M G Hiremath, deputy commissioner of Belagavi speaking about the 9,000 houses awaiting for relief. 

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