Vivek Murthy, with Karnataka origin, works as Joe Biden’s key strategist for US Presidential Polls

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With US Elections right around the corner, assuming if Joe Biden emerges victorious over Dona;d Trump, a man with roots in Karnataka, an Indian American may take charge of an important position in the new administration.

Dr. Vivek Murthy, previously worked as youngest surgeon general for Barack Obama in 2014, is presently one of the main strategists for the election campaign of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden;s victory in the US elections will only add up to the pride of Karnataka. Vivek Murthy, inherently belongs to Hallegere village in the Maddur Taluk of Mandya district in Karnataka.

The senators had deliberated on Murthy’s lack of experience for the post or on the contrary, his efforts were evident for getting Barack Obama reelected and supporting the President’s healthcare law.

About Dr. Vivek Murthy

The 43-year old was born in London, though grew up in the United States, studied BA from Harvard University, Vivek also has an MBA from Yale School of Management and MD from Yale School of Medicine.

He is the grandchild of backward class leader and a close associate of ex-Chief Minister late D Devaraj Urs, HT Narayan Shetty.

It has been reported that Vivek still talks in his mother tongue Kannada at home. He visits his native every year and has contributed millions of dolars to advocate for education at Hallegere.

Vivek worked as a hospitalist at The Brigham, and is also the co-founder and President of the association Doctors for America, a group of 16,000 physicians and medical students that promote affordable and high quality healthcare, based in Washington DC.

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