Will work together, closer than ever before says PM Modi amid Quad Summit

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While addressing the Quad Summit on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized on working together saying the four countries which includes India, the USA, Japan and Australia should “work together, closer than ever before for advancing shared values and promoting secure, stable, prosperous Indo-Pacific”

While speaking at the Summit along with the chief leaders from Japan, Australia and the USA, Modi said, “Today’s summit shows that Quad has come of age and it will now remain an important pillar of stability in region.”

During the opening remarks, US President Joe Biden termed Quad as a new mechanism to strengthen the cooperation and enhance the mutual ambition as they raise the issue of climate change.

He said, “We know our commitments…Our region is governed by international law, committed to all the universal values and free from coercion but I am optimistic about our prospect,” pointing at China, who is flexing its muscles in the region.

Biden said, “The Quad is going to be a vital arena of cooperation in the Indo Pacific and I look forward to working closely with all of you in the coming years,” and then requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak.

Expressing his pleasure to meet, Biden said to Modi, “It’s great to see you.”

The other leaders present in the conclave are Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison along with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, which is the very first conclave having the top leaders of the Quadrilateral Alliance.

The representatives of the four countries have had periodic meetings ever since its establishment in 2007, called as “Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.”

The officials revealed the four countries are working towards curating a series of working groups which will concentrate on climate change; critical and emerging technologies which includes attempts to set technology standards and together develop the critical technologies for the coming future.

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