World Steel Association Report: India elevates crude steel production with 3.5% growth; 9.245 MT produced in Nov

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According to World Steel Association data, India has an elevated growth of 3.5 per cent in crude steel production with 9.245 million tonne in November. In its very recent report, the global industry body, when compared with the crude steel production of the month of November in the previous year, it was 8.993 MT crude steel production.

The report stated, “Crude steel production for the 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 158.261 MT in November 2020, a 6.6 per cent increase compared to 148.417 MT in November 2019.

The report further added, “Due to the ongoing difficulties presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, many of this month’s figures are estimates that may be revised with next month’s production update.”

China recorded 8 per cent annual growth consecutively year-wise regarding steel output at 87.660 MT amid November 2020, when done a comparison for the same period in the last year with 81.191.

The US production dropped 13.7 per cent from 7.088 MT and presently stands at 6.120 MT. Japan’s output dropped 5.9 per cent to 7.264 MT which was 7.716 MT when compared to last year. South Korea’s steel production dropped 2.4 per cent and retains to 5.760 MT in the month when compared in the year-ago records was 5.904. When compared with Germany, crude steel output has increased 14.8 per cent and 3.376 MT when contrasted with previous records which were 2.941 MT. For the last month, the crude steel production in France was 1.149 MT, 3.7 per cent dropped from the previous year, while Spain has steel production of 1.113 MT, an elevation of 11.2 per cent annually.

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