Yediyurappa presents Budget for Karnataka following ‘no pain, no gain’

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Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Monday put forth a Budget worth RS 2.46 lakh crore, where he has made an effort to give importance to the farmers, women and various social groups while not declaring any big-ticket or populist programmes and has also spared the citizens from any new taxes.

The economic crisis led by the pandemic has played a pivotal role in the Budget 2021-22, which is based on revenue, as Yediyurappa made the move of catering something to everybody based on the availability.

It was assumed that the taxes on the excise or fuel would be increased, however he presented a people-friendly budget, saying, “I am not willing to put the burden of additional taxes on the common people.”

Though, considering the present scenario with more focus on development, the state government will taking a loan of Rs 71,332 crore for funding the development projects. Yediyurappa said, “In the midst of the pandemic, maintaining a balance between fiscal discipline and equity in development has given the experience of walking on a razor’s edge.”

The chief minister had announced schemes worth Rs 37,188 crore for the women of the state, which also extends to women entrepreneurs.

The Budget offers Rs 21,000 crore to irrigation schemes, it is quite less as per the needed requirement. Taking the example of prolonged Upper Krishna Project-3 which requires funding of Rs 51,000 crore, but it is given Rs 5,600 crore.

From the Budget, a sum of Rs 500 crore has been allocated for boosting organic farming, and there has been a 10 per cent increase in reservation for farmers’ children in the agricultural universities.

Yediyurappa had declared RS 500 crore which will be assigned for Vokkaliga community to form a new board.

Regarding the budget, Yediyurappa said, “From this point of financial constraints, this is a balanced Budget bringing relief in the difficult situation.. From this point of financial constraints, this is a balanced Budget bringing relief in the difficult situation.”

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