Yediyurappa urges the public representatives to introspect

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Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Wednesday stated the only way that democracy can be successful is when public welfare is the primary goal of every elected representative, as he urged them to introspect on the issue.

Yediyurappa said, “Both the ruling party and opposition have to work with caution so that no untoward incidents happen in the legislative assembly and the council, but as public representatives, we have to question ourselves whether we are following it, we have to introspect.”

He further said, “Our conduct should be such that it shows the path for the future generations, if we are always conscious about this, mistakes won’t happen,” adding that the successful implementation is possible of democracy when good traditions and practices are followed.

Yediyurappa spoke at the meeting with the title as, “An introspection-preventing the decline of parliamentary values.” The meeting was conducted by the Karnataka Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Regarding the deteriorating social values in the current times, he said, “If the last person in the society has to get the government facilities, public representatives have to look at everyone equally.”

At the event, Karnataka Legislative Council Chairman Basavaraj Horatti, Assembly Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri, Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah were also present.

Yediyurappa said, “Democracy can be successful, only if public welfare is the primary goal of every elected representative.”

He further said, “Before independence, our political stalwarts were such that they used to think that their existence was for the sake of the country, it is unfortunate that post-independence political stalwarts started thinking that the country is there for them, as a result we have reached this sorry state.”

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