3 Indians from a total of 20 missing in central Nepal’s flash floods

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Around 20 people which includes three Indians have been reported to be missing in the flash floods caused by heavy rains in Sindhupalchok district in central Nepal, according to a government official.

The District Administration Officer (DAO) of Sindhupalchok, Arun Pokhrel, confirmed the information that 3 Indians and equivalent Chinese residents are missing from Tuesday morning, as flash floods struck the district.

The current incident which happened in Sindhupalchok district, which shares border with Tibet on the Northern side is supposedly triggered via a global outburst that has piled up huge chunks of muds, stones, and residues in the Melamchi Corridor.

Around 200 families living along the Melamchi River Corridor have been shifted from their residence to shelter in a local school since Tuesday evening.

Chief District Officer of Sindhupalchok, Arun Pokhrel said to ANI on call, “We have recorded a total of six foreign nationals missing since Tuesday, there are a total of 20 people missing in the flash flood. The missing foreigners include 3 Indians and 3 Chinese nationals. They were working on a development project here.”

The DAO gave the names of 14 locals in the list, which has the names – Kamallochan Mahato, Bijay Basumantari, and Jindao Basumantari as the Indian residents missing and Sun Yu Chuwan, Yu Chijuhu, and Godh Tyan Chu as the missing Chinese nationals.

The official further added, “We are continuing to search for those missing. Apart from foreigners status of 14 locals also is yet to be ascertained, we are working to locate their status.”

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