A week later, BBMP yet struggling with generating BU numbers

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While considering the intensity of Bengaluru Urban Number (BU), it is not the required information for admitting critical Covid-19 patients. BBMP Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta said Hospitals can either way carry out Rapid Antigen Tests for patients who are having bed requirements.

In the last few days, the major problem has been the delay in generation of BU number for Covid-19 patients by the Palike than the Covid-19 pandemic. This delay has triggered the death of several patients, who could have survived provided they had the access to the hospital bed at the right time.
Post the compliant given by several citizens, the Special Commissioner (Health) of BBMP, Rajendra Cholan had issued all zonal officers to assure that hospitals catered to critical patients who are in severe requirement of beds.
Inspite of the order, several hospitals in the city have refused to attend to patients who are entering without BU code, with sheer ignorance to their severe Covid-19 symptoms.
Bhupesh B, a resident from JP Nagar, reiterated about the prolonged generation of the BU number had made it tough for a friend who was Covid-19 positive. He said, “My friend had severe symptoms and was badly in need of a hospital bed. But no BU number was generated. Three popular hospitals in the city refused to admit him. My friend could be admitted only the next day.”
When asked about the situation to Gupta, he answered, “We understand that patients who are yet to receive their reports or the BU numbers can get critical. We had earlier ordered all hospitals to stabilise patients who walk in with Covid-like symptoms or symptoms of SARI/Influenza and to hospitalise them if beds are available.”
Henceforth, hospitals can admit the patients without BU number or Covid-19 positive reports. “If required, the hospitals can conduct rapid antigen tests and immediately admit the patients, if beds are available.”

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