Afghani women have a new fitness space in Conservative Kandahar provinces

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Maryam Durani, rights activist has attained another small victory as the southern province of Kandahar in Afghanistan will have a new gym for the women to focus on their fitness.

In her journey of decades advocating for women, she has fought for the women relentlessly. It was last year that she started to fight for an only women gym, which would have around 50 women visiting every day.

She mentioned that the ladies were giving a very positive response regarding the gym. “What bothered me was the reaction of the men… who reacted negatively to our club and even insulted me because they thought our club was in opposition to Sharia.” Durani said.

She has a radio station to voice out for the women, worked for the provincial council and has received the International Women of Courage Award by Michelle Obama in 2012.

Presently, she is devoted to working for women – both the housewives and working women.

“My only concern is about their view of women’s rights and what freedoms and restrictions they will impose on me.” She added.

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