Australia battles to rescue 270 stranded pilot whales

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Rescuers were making strong attempts to refloat the 270 pilot whales which are trapped in the shallow water. It has been estimated by the government scientists that 90 whales from them have died due to the stranding.

Kris Carlyon, government-based wildlife biologist told, “We’ve got animals that are semi-buoyant so it probably won’t take too much to refloat those animals closer to the deeper water, and will involve just a bit of grunt from specialised crew in the water.”

A type of oceanic dolphin, pilot whales can be very daunting to draw back out to the sea. So, the rescuers are focusing on keeping the whales upright in order to avoid disorientation.

This hardest rescue mission involves nearly 40 government scientists, 20 police officials along with the local fish farmers and other volunteers.

Kris mentioned that experts are not aware yet about what lead to the beaching event. Around 25 whales have been freed from the 270 by the rescuers. The rescuers will again resume the mission on Wednesday morning.

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