Private schools open the gates for students, neglect the government instructions

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Various private schools in Karnataka have blatantly ignored the state government’s instructions and opened the school campus on the grounds of consultation with the students on Monday.

Various schools had students gathered in the premises for meeting their teachers and discussing academic matters and some also had doubt-solving classes fir the students with nay academic difficulty. However, it was observed that ‘social-distancing’ was not taken up so seriously along with the other precautions.

The state’s government decision has created a lot of disturbance among the private schools association and they are criticizing the government’s move.

D Shashi Kumar, from the Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka quoted, “The government has continued with its Vidyagama program. But it is restricting kids from consulting teachers in private schools.”

He further emphasized on the intention of the state government, about drawing more students to the government schools by misleading them.

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