BBMP allots Rs 15 lakh to feed stray animals

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The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has sanctioned Rs 15 lakh to feed around 3 lakh strays in Bengaluru, which are otherwise reliant on restaurants, street-side eateries and market places to eat food.

With the lockdown protocols in place, the animal lovers and dog feeders of the city had appealed to the civic body to make the required arrangements for feeding the strays.

D Randeep, Special Commissioner (Animal Husbandry), BBMP told DH, “Dog feeders and animal rights activists are already doing a great job caring for the animals during the lockdown.”

He further said, “That is why we have come forward to help them with food material. We began the feeding drive two weeks ago and aim to cover all the zones.”

Dr. Manjunath Shinde, Joint Director (Animal Husbandry) said the stray dogs have a good feeling and are in their comfort zone when the feeders come around, which has made the campaign easier. He said, “The dog-feeding drive will not just provide meals for the dogs, but will also help the BBMP keep track of dogs that need to be neutered, vaccinated and also check their overall health.” Dr. Shinde added the feeding programme would support all stray animals along with the dogs.

Animal rights activist Arun Prasad, one of the major people involved in placing the need of stray animals to the BBMP, expressed joy over the funds sanctioned by BBMP for the same.

Prasad said, “Hopefully, the initiative will continue post the lockdown.” He further added, “While the BBMP is helping animals on the streets, dogs that are stuck in parks like Lalbagh also need help. We have requested the director of Lalbagh to increase the number of feeding points to reach more animals.”

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