BCU students complained exam questions out of syllabus, told taught in online class

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Bcom students appearing for examination at the Bengaluru Central University (BCU) have complained that questions worth 28 marks were not taught by the faculty amid online classes.

Several students who had written the International Reporting Financial Standards (IFRS) paper are having the fear of scoring less marks as they were unable to attend all the online classes citing network issues or faculty was not able to complete the portion.

A student from Maharani Ammi college, Malleswaram said, “This is a new subject introduced in 2016 and it is a tough one.” The student added, “Majority of the questions (in the paper) came from the syllabus that was not taught.”

A student from KLE college, Rajajinagar said questions of 28 marks out of 70 were not a part of the syllabus.

“But teachers are saying that the questions are from the syllabus and they weren’t covered by the teachers concerned.” Teachers who teach the subject iterated that the pandemic situation should have been considered while setting the exams question paper.

While addressing the issue, Prof Eswar Reddy, Chairman of Board of Examiners of Commerce said, “We have cross-verified with some of the faculty teaching the subject and they said nothing is outside the syllabus. (The issue) came up because some colleges didn’t cover the syllabus.”

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