Officials: No technical connection of Israel embassy blast with Ambani security threat

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The counter-terrorism agencies have identified no connections in the improvised explosive device (IED) which had blasted in front of the Israeli embassy in New Delhi on January 29 to the sports utility vehicle having explosives located near the residence of Mukesh Ambani on February 25.

For both the cases, Jaish-ul-Hind, a non-existent organization holds accountability pertaining to the cyber message posted for Mumbai, however, the agency revealed to the government about no technical link between the two cases. A former Mumbai Police Commissioner said, “The posting of the message on February 27 night on Telegram messaging app in the Mumbai case with Jaish-ul-Hind taking responsibility is an after-thought. The Mumbai case has no link with IED blast outside Israel embassy.”

The investigators identified the number was used by Indian Mujahideen terrorist Tehseen Akhtar, who has been placed in Tihar Jail presently. Several questions are put forth about access to a smartphone while being in jail, CT agencies have concluded about no revival of the IM group despite the founders Riyaz and Iqbal Bhatkal’s prevalence in Karachi.

As per the agencies, the Mumbai case can be considered as a local affair, whereas the blast outside Israel Embassy holds cyber markers based in Syria and Afghanistan. For this case, the hyped Jaish-ul-Hind group is a cyber creation to trace the investigation with Islamists who can consistently alter the names such as Jundallah or Ansar-ul-Hind.

Though, the IED identified for the Israel embassy attack has been remotely invoked by a line of sight device, no detonator was detected near the SUV found in Mumbai. This appears to be a clear indication that Mumbai’s case was merely a threat perhaps constituting extortion racket having incarcerated IM terrorists making an attempt for revival of the homegrown sector by holding accountable for the incident.

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