Bengaluru’s food delivery workers initiate protest for Covid-19 relief package and vaccination priority

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The delivery workers from different application-based service platforms such a Swiggy, Zomato, and Dunzo initiated a virtual protest on Saturday, May 29 for inclusion in the relief packages of the state government for the workers in the unorganized sector. They have further demanded to receive Covid-19 relief packages in the priority group which should also extend to their family members, and should also be provided with protective gear comprising masks, sanitizers, and face shields from the government.

The United Food Deliveries Partners’ Union (UFDPU) initiated the protest, where the pictures of the delivery workers were shared on social media with their demands about the relief packages. UFDPU has been affiliated with All India United Trade Union Centre (AIUTUC)

“The state government has not considered the notable services rendered by food delivery workers and has not announced any relief package to these workers.

In this background, a statewide online movement was declared by UFDPU, workers have joined this online movement in large numbers and have expressed their indignation and demanded the government to fulfil their demands immediately,” stated the statement released by UFDPU’s President Vinay Sarvathy V.

In a statement, the Union said, “The food delivery partners have been working under high risk conditions. These workers run their families with these earnings. Also, their family is under high risk as these workers meet many people during their work. The number of orders they get has also had a hit during the lockdown and high fuel prices have affected the earnings of the workers.”

Besides the relief packages and vaccination priority, they also asked for higher pay-outs and incentives for the delivery workers.

With the present lockdown restrictions in the state of Karnataka, the hotels and restaurants have only been functioning for home delivery and takeaway, which has led the delivery personnel to work round the clock to provide food items and groceries. 

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