BMTC women employees to get self-defence training

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The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has initiated a special training on gender sensitization for all the staff employees and a self-defence training for the female employees to make them strong and resilient for tackling any form of sexual harassment at work.

According to an official release, BMTC stated its objective to make meaningful intervention for putting forth an attempt to resolve issues like sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

The release quoted, “There are instances where women staff of BMTC who work as conductors and security personnel are also at the receiving end of such unacceptable behaviour from commuters as well as from their male colleagues.”

The BMTC has planned to offer extreme physical training sessions in karate, judo, martial arts and simultaneously conduct workshops on issues like gender sensitization, public speaking assertiveness, legal knowledge and counseling skills.

The 42-hours based intense physical training will be provided in a total of 120 sessions ranging over a time frame of 21 days, will be commencing at the earliest. The trainers will be experts from various fields hired by the corporation.

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