India, Singapore and Thailand commence trilateral SITMEX-2020

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India, Singapore, and Thailand have began with the trilateral naval exercise in the Andaman sea from Saturday. The naval exercise, scheduled for two-days known as SITMEX-2020, is planned with “non-contact, at sea only format” considering the Covid-19 restrictions.

The elementary objective of the naval exercise is to support consolidated interoperability between the three countries Navy and further develop an improved understanding, cultivate the sharing of the efficient practices and protocols for multi-faceted maritime operations.

The naval exercise conducted presently will include a war-at-sea exercise, naval manoeuvres, firing of the weapons on the surface and aerial targets, seamanship evolutions and coordinated navigation operations.

The navy force amid the exercise would also be comprising of the ships which are crucial as assets which include ASW corvette, INS Kamorta, and INS Karmuk. ASW corvette and INS Kamorta are two indigenous warships and INS Karmuk is a guided missile corvette.

Though India is focused on battling the Covid-19 transmission, the trilateral naval exercise is an indication of the strongly friendly bond with the countries Thailand and Singapore. As SITMEX will terminate, the engaging ships from RSN will exercise in the Bay of Bengal alongside Indian Navy as a part of SIMBEX 20.

The debut edition of the trilateral naval exercise was organized at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, earlier, in September 2019, with the harbour phase at Port Blair and sea phase in Andaman sea over a period of five days.

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