Chief Minister BSY invites farmers for Discussion

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Chief Minister Yeddyurappa has invited farmer leaders to discuss land reform and amendment of APMC Act across Karnataka. “I have got first hand experience of APMCs as I have sold my produce at these marketing yards and also served as chairman of APMC. They are in the clutches of middlemen,” he told a press conference in Bengaluru, adding he was ready for changes in the legislations if they help the farming community.

Highlights of press conferences are below:

  • No farmers will be affected by the amendment of the APMC Act and the Land Improvement Act. Farmers are being confused by misrepresenting these laws. He added further.
  • APMCs will not be closed for any reason. But the restrictions that existed before have been lifted. Any farmer can sell his crop anywhere. Earlier if a farmer sold his crop outside the APMC, he would be fined. But now that restriction has been lifted. And no irrigated land can be sold unless it is intended for cultivation
  • Industries will help in job creation in the state. But no Industries would be built on cultivated land. Industries are only built on land that does not support agriculture. A family is allowed to own only 54 acres of land.
  • In the state, 22 lakh crores of land is already barren without cultivation. Anyone can cultivate such land. The government will help it, which inturn can provide employment to thousands of people.
  • It had also barred purchasing of lands belonging to SC/ST communities for non-agri purposes, he added.

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