World Heart Day: A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy heart

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Every year, around 17.9 million people die to Cardiovascular diseases, which accounts to the third of the total deaths in the planet. And, around 85 % of these deaths are triggered by heart disease and stroke.

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on September 29, to observe a day to cater to the heart health. In the present scenario, ‘Lifestyle’ is the major factor to be given emphasis to. Most of us are leading an almost sedentary lifestyle, which eating whatever seems comfortable, exercising slightly or not at all, erratic work and sleep schedules and ample of stress. The lifestyle is the major pavement that can deteriorate or improve the health of the heart.

The year 2020 has been a tough year, with the declaration of Covid-19 as the global health emergency. Yes, a lot of people have been affected by the severe viral infection, but a part of the population has been direly affected by the stress and anxiety that has come with the economic, social and psychological impact of the pandemic. And, ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’ are an absolute ‘NO’ for your heart health.

Lockdown has confined people to their houses, and the dynamics of mobility have changed. Prior to lockdown, atleast commuting would help people get a little of exercise, though the same has to be evoked by self-discipline now. Though, heart issues are quite common and seem to be cured enough by medication, lifestyle changes play a very significantly role.

Diet and exercise are two important footnotes in our lifestyle pattern. Another crucial thing is to watch over our habits of smoking and drinking.

Diet of a person who is overweight and obese needs to be tapped more as compared to a normal body type. The food consumed should have salt content complying to limit, and have less of saturated and trans fats, sugar and should be less in calories. It can be followed by a simple rule, more of fruits and vegetables, less of grains and for drinks, one can start by avoiding aerated and soft drinks and switch to fruit juices. And, the next step from fruit juices is to simply retort to eating fresh fruits.

Exercise is another pillar for our healthy heart. It is quite essential to have 30 minutes to 1 hour of physical activity that strains the body and releases sweat. Exercising maintains our weight and also works on the metabolic rate. Alongside, it is time to watch over smoking habits and alcohol. For those who are highly addicted to smoking, and have more than restricted amount of alcohol, it needs to be iterated to work on it.

This World Heart Day, let’s make it completely about our lifestyle, which will build a better heart health inherently. Take small steps to work on lifestyle, starting from the food and physical activity. And, yes, meditate, to ooze out stress and anxiety!

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