February 2, 2023

Photo Credits: Times Now

China returns the five missing men from Arunachal Pradesh back to India

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Five men were reported to have gone missing from regions near the India-China border in the beginning of this month. The army said that the five missing men have been returned back to India by the China’s People’s Liberation Army.

The handover of the five men happened Saturday morning in the Chinese territory. The men were transferred to the Indian side and they reached Arunachal Pradesh by the Kibithu border by afternoon hours.

As per the protocol, the missing men will be quarantined. An official statement from the army stated, “Individuals will now be quarantined for 14 days as per COVID-19 protocol  and will thereafter be handed over to their family members.”

The five missing men from earlier September were reported to be hunters as per the statement recorded from the army. In the beginning of the week, China had confirmed about the missing men to be found in Chinese territory.  

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