May 27, 2022

Photo Credits: Zee News

Six Sena workers receive a bail after being arrested to attack ex-navyman

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Six workers from Shiv Sena party were granted bail on Saturday who were arrested for attacking a retired navyman. Two of the six workers were Sena pramukhs – Kamlesh Kadam and Sanjay Manjre and four others were Rakesh Belnekar, Pratap Sund Vera, Sunil Desai, and Rakesh Mulik.

Madan Sharma, 65, a retired Navy officer, had received a forwarded image on WhatsApp about Uddhav Thackeray (Chief Minister of Maharashtra) featured like a cartoon. He had forwarded the image on Wednesday to a WhatsApp group having his society members in it. A couple of days later, on Friday, Sharma had an inquiry call about his address and the forward. The same day, in the afternoon, he was instructed to meet at the entrance of the society, where a group of men attacked him. The navy officer ran back into the society, but he was dragged and assaulted further as captured in the CCTV footage.

Sharma had filed a complaint regarding the assault at Samata Nagar Police Station, following which the men were arrested.

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