China’s vaccine candidate for Covid-19 turns out safe in clinical trials

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China’s potential Covid-19 vaccine candidate BBIP-CorV, which was under human trial observations, has been proven to be safe with the anticipated antibody immune responses, according to Chinese researchers.

From the time period between April 29 to July 30, the vaccine was under the combined early and mid-stage clinical trials. The potential vaccine is being developed by Beijing Institute of Biological Products, an adjuvant company of China National Biotec Group (CNBG). The vaccine is under the 10 potential vaccine candidates that are being tested under the phase III clinical trials around the globe.

As confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), Chinese scientists are presently at the forefront in terms of four such vaccine development programmes. According to Reuters, a paper published in Lancet journal, the vaccine has been proved to be relatively safe. But, mild adverse effects account to light fever and pain at the localized site for injections was observed in the candidates.

The vaccine candidate is currently at the phase 3 trials in regions beyond China. Alongside, the government has given a green signal to the vaccine conditionally on emergency for the healthcare professionals and high-infection risk groups.

The study was conducted on 600 individuals of different age groups. From the paper published, two conclusions were put forth from the trials. Firstly, there is not adequate data that will back up the fact that the vaccine has to potential to treat Coronavirus, as per the researchers from CNBG and Chinese Disease Control Authorities. Secondly, the vaccine on administration invoked antibody responses, but observations about cell-based immune responses were not disclosed.

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