Harsh Vardhan: Community transmission of Covid-19 restrained to specific districts

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Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan accepted on Sunday that community transmission of Coronavirus was incident in some specific districts in a limited number of states in the country. While addressing the weekly programme on social media called Sunday Saamvaad, he said, “But this is not happening countrywide..”

“Community transmission has been reported in different pockets of various states. It is not happening across the country,” Harsh Vardhan in response to West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamta Bannerjee’s assertion on the initiation of community transmission in some areas of the state.

The Centre has refuted the claims of community transmission of Covid-19 in India. Though, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had given the confirmation about cases of community transmission in Kerala in the month of July for the parts particularly Poonthura nad Pullivila. During July-August, Assam also had hinted on community transmission.

India, so far, has been held up on, not being a pat of community transmission of Covid-19.

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