Chinese activist arrested for providing support to girl who defaced Jinping’s poster

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The police force in China have arrested a Chinese activist after he raised his voice on social media platform Twitter for ‘ink girl’ Dong Yaoqiong, who had committed the action of defacing the poster of President Xi Jinping in 2018.

The activist, Ou Biaofeng was in administrative detention for a period of 15 days citing “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”, according to Hong Kong Free Press quoting the Twitter account of Ou’s wife Huanhuan.

Dong was given the nickname after she uploaded a live streaming video, in which she was splashing ink on a poster of Xi Jinping and blamed the Communist Party for “thought control”.

In her latest video, the girl was on the verge of breakdown, after being relaesed from a psychiatric facility. Her friends claim that she was forcibly admitted to a psychiatric unit after 2018 incident, according to Japan times.

In her video, she revealed her ordeal that her freedom of movement and for accessing and contacting people has been restricted. All her updates on Twitter have been deleted and no one knows about her whereabouts.

Ou, supporting Dong, tweeted and retweeted her video, which was deleted later. Leo Lan, Advocacy consultant at Chinese Human Rights Defenders stated Dong was under a lot of pressure as her activity on Twitter was suddenly deleted. Lan told, “Ou Biaofeng first tweeted Dong’s cry for help. He’s now detained obviously due to the authorities attempt to silence him and punishing him for exposing Dong’s situation.”

He further added, “The Chinese government wants to control online speech as much as they can, even including information on Twitter, which is blocked by mainland.”

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