Srinagar’s cultural academy conducts shows to favor folk music, motivate young artists

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The Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture, and Languages (JKAACL) has been organizing exclusive folk music shows in Tagore Hall with the intent to encourage the budding youth artists and to promote the archaic and traditional folk music.

The Academy is a renowned institution, which gives students the platform to learn and promote different art forms of music according to various genres.

Eminent singers, including Raja Bilal were given the invitation for watching the show, which would boost the budding artists, said Munir-ul-Islam, the Secretary of Cultural Academy.

He revealed to ANI, “We organized this program to give a platform to budding singers in Srinagar. Our people are so talented and we want them to hone and share it with the world. There is no better place than JKAACL for this purpose. Very senior artists also come to watch the performances to encourage the budding performers.”

The move was widely appreciated by renowned singer in the Valley’s music industry, Raja Bilal. He said, “The concert at Tagore Hall was very good. The singers sang so beautifully. I am very glad that such an event took place. There is no doubt that Kashmir is a beautiful place, but apart from that, our culture also is very rich and it needs to be shared with the world. Our genres of music – Sufi, Chhakri, and other kinds of light music, are very appealing and melodious.”

The concert has been a platform for the youth artists to perform, and has stirred a wave of excitement among them. Asiya Ismail, one of the performers in the concert, said, “Due to Covid-19, such programs were not taking place for such a long time. I am very grateful to the cultural academy for giving us this chance to perform today where senior artists and singers came to watch. It is our responsibility as the new generation to keep the culture of the Valley alive here.”

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