Congress panel meeting for discussion of organizational matters

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The Congress party is scheduled to have a special meeting organized by the special committee for assisting the party chief Sonia Gandhi with respect to execution on operational matters relative to the rumbling over its dismal show in Bihar elections.

Sonia Gandhi had created the six-member panel and appointed the members in August considering the party reshuffle post a letter passed to her by 23 leaders including Kapil Sibal urging for internal elections and organizational overhaul. The members in the panel are AK Antony, Ahmed Patel, Ambika Soni. KC Venugopal, Randeep Singh Sujrewala and Mukul Wasnik.

The meeting will be conducted by the virtual video conference at 5 pm. However, Rahul Ganhi and Congress President will not be a part of the virtual meeting. The discussion will not much about the outcome of Bihar elections but adhering to organizational matters and about assessment about the three key farm bills passed.

The anticipation was rife about the discussions to be based on outcome of the Bihar polls. The party’s results have been pointed out for the total failure of ‘mahagathabandhan’ for defeating Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP).

Kapil Sibal, ex-Union Minister expressed via tweet, “We are yet to hear on recent polls… Maybe Congress leadership thinks it should be business as usual.”

There is no platform to put forth the party issues and that Congress party needs most efficient and senior leaders for managing the operations of elections, said Kapil Sibal.

To which Ashok Gehlot said, “There was no need for Mr Kapil Sibal to mention our internal issue in media, this has hurt the sentiments of party workers across the country.” He further said, “Congress has seen various crises, including 1969, 1977, 1989 and later in 1996, but every time, we came out stronger due to our ideology, programmes, policies and firm belief in party leadership.”

“We have improved with each and every crisis and also formed UPA government in 2004 under the able leadership of Soniaji, we shall overcome this time too. There are various reasons for electoral losses. But each time rank and file of the Congress party has shown undivided and firm belief in the party leadership and that is why we came out of it stronger and united after every crises,” said Rajasthan chief minister.

He further added, “Even today, Congress is the only party which can keep this nation united and take it forward on the path of comprehensive development.”

Congress scored very less in the ‘mahagathbandhan’ which was mere 19 out of 70 seats, and the lead was taken over by Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) party with 75 seats.

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